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Assist local and national clients in established and emerging industries to maintain legally compliant business operations and develop growth strategies consistent with applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations.


The intricate alcohol beverage regulatory scheme is difficult to navigate but an essential pillar for every successful brand. The firm has particular expertise advising on tied-house and trade practice matters to assist our clients when planning and executing marketing strategies, product launches, tastings, sponsorships and sales programming.




Represent clients engaging in a variety of industry related transactions including retail sales contracts, commercial leases, interim management agreements, distribution appointments and terminations, production and contract brewing arrangements, import agreements, retail partner agreements for online sales and delivery, product marketing and IP licensing agreements.


For commercial deals, the firm counsels its clients through the first stage of negotiation through drafting, execution, closing and post-closing regulatory phases. For industry specific agreements, we expertly incorporate statutory and regulatory requirements to protect the interests of our clients and to provide a legally compliant foundation for doing business.




Represent licensed professionals, corporate entities, physician groups and health systems before administrative and regulatory boards, at their depositions and in all ancillary matters pursuant to subpoena.


Advise clients on various industry issues to minimize potential liability exposure, including practicing out-of-state and the use of telehealth. Investigate potential pre-suit claims and, when appropriate, effect early resolution through settlement, arbitration, mediation, or other means of dispute resolution.

Laptop and Phone


As consumer demands continue to trend in favor of e-commerce conveniences, companies continue to evolve toward online sales, shipment and delivery platforms. The firm specializes in this emerging and dynamic segment of the alcohol industry and works with national and local technology-based businesses to assist in structuring legally compliant operations.


We advise clients how to operate within current regulatory schemes and will procure required licenses, permits or safe harbor approvals. We also provide legislative strategy and strive to modernize state laws and local ordinances to allow online business models to successfully exist and thrive in strictly regulated and heavily protected commerce channels.




Represent and advocate for clients in state and federal courts, administrative law proceedings, licensing boards and applicable appellate jurisdictions.


The firm specializes in civil litigation, primarily defending actions involving claims of medical malpractice, general liability for personal injury, premises liability, false arrest and negligent security against individuals, property owners, restaurants and retail establishments. The firm also prosecutes and defends commercial claims for breach of contract and distributor terminations.




Alcohol is heavily regulated and requires various licenses and approvals to engage in every aspect of the industry from producing, to retail sales, shipment and delivery, where permitted.  Illinois has some of the most complex alcohol laws in the country and the firm specializes in managing all aspects of local and federal licensing, including TTB formula and COLA approvals for new businesses, existing businesses and new owners of existing businesses.


The firm manages individual to multi-state licensing projects and maintains key relationships with federal, state and local regulators which affords our clients the highest level of professional services and efficient and favorable results with each license application.   

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